Jason Chadwick
Jason D. Chadwick
Quantum computing Ph.D. student
University of Chicago

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We present a general method to quickly generate high-fidelity control pulses for any continuously-parameterized set of quantum gates after calibrating a small number of reference pulses. We pick several reference operations in the gate family of interest and directly optimize pulses that implement these operations, then iteratively re-optimize these reference pulses to guide pulse shapes to be similar for operations that are closely related. A straightforward interpolation method can then obtain pulses for arbitrary operations in the continuous set with high average fidelity. We demonstrate this procedure on the three-parameter Cartan decomposition of all two-qubit gates to obtain control pulses for any two-qubit gate, up to single-qubit operations, with consistently high fidelity. The method generalizes to any number of parameters and can be used with any pulse optimization algorithm.