Jason Chadwick
Jason D. Chadwick
Quantum computing Ph.D. student
University of Chicago

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Figure 9. The results of several sensitivity studies. a) Sensitivity in simulation by using CSWAP gates in different orientations instead of decomposing to Toffoli gates. b) Changes in CCZ compilation strategies’ fidelities as gate error ququarts increases. c) Changes in CCZ compilation strategies’ fidelities as coherence error for the $\ket{2}$ and $\ket{3}$ level states changes. d) Differences in fidelities between mixed-radix and full-ququart compilation strategies as the distribution of CX gates to CCX gates in a circuit changes. In all graphs The black line represents the qubit-only fully-decomposed compilation method. The red line represents the qubit-only iToffoli-based decomposition. Below those points mixed-radix or full-ququart methods are more error prone than using only qubits. Please note the different scaling on the y-axis.